Destination Wedding Planner

How Can a Destination Wedding Planner Help With Your Wedding?

The magic of the Bar Harbor area must be seen to be truly understood. As the gateway to Acadia National Park, it is a bastion of natural beauty and amazing scenery. Within the towns and cities, you’ll find plenty of home-grown New England charm and craftsmanship. There’s lots to do both on land and on the clear blue waterways, so it’s an amazing place for a getaway.         

Even if you’re not from the area, wedding planning in Bar Harbor is still possible with Prestigious Events! Working remotely throughout the process, we can help to ensure that your venue, vendors and everything else is booked even without you having to show up yourself. As your destination wedding planner, we take great pains to make sure your wedding looks exactly how you want it down to the last detail.

One of the biggest advantages to working with Prestigious Events is that we have established connections with reliable vendors and businesses and can solicit their services very easily. Even if you know what kind of goods and services you need for your wedding, it can still be difficult to get the right deals, or find the right stores and suppliers that will suit your preferences. Call us now to discuss your wedding plans with us and discover the various ways that we offer the best wedding planning Bar Harbor has to offer.